Love BAHULU, but
BORED with the OLD style?!!
COME and TRY!!!
Bear-SHAPED bahulu.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The name of our business is ‘BAHULU OPAH ENTERPRISE’. This business is established with the partnership of four people.

The product that we offer to the market is the Malay traditional cake which is Bahulu. Our business starts with small scale in the rural area at Jenjarom, Selangor. Then after we stabilize our business we will start to open some chain in some other parts of the Peninsular and the Borneo area.

Our Bahulu were shaped to be a cute teddy bear. It comes with three different flavours and filling which are strawberry flavour, blueberry flavour, and chocolate flavour. Our target market is to sell our product to different age segmentation such as adult, teenagers, senior citizen and also families. Our business is expected to start on the 4 January 2012.

There are few factors why we chose to venture into the Bahulu business:

i. To promote the Malay traditional cake in a new way of presentation to the market.

ii. To help preserve the Malay traditional cake in a modern way.

iii. To help increase the income level of the community at the rural area.

iv. Help to offer job opportunity focusing to the single mothers and low education teens.

The future prospect of the business is to expand the business to the international level and at the same time promoting the Malay culture and tradition to the world.

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